This page will feature several pictures and stories from Tony’s past. 

Tony has had an interesting life, his father’s successful meat business saw wealth come into the family, Tony’s flamboyant character and love of horses, cars, hot rods, surfing, boats, and animals added colour to many occasions in the 70’s/80’s where he flipped the script with much colour and love. In the 90’s he realised the wealthy society world wasn’t for him and put his energy in the local Redfern community around the Graffiti Hall of Fame space, helping and joining forces with indigenous groups and environmental and social activism crews.

Tony at NASCAR
Tony at NASCAR

Stay tuned while photos are uploaded from sections of Tony’s colourful life…

One thought on “History”

  1. Hey Tony I met you on Ios I think it was 2004 or something like that. me and my friend John were hanging on Mylopotas beach on IOS and we had the tunes cranking and we had talked for a bit. Well my friend John Bean will be touring with his band Slapshot in a few in Australia and I was hoping maybe you could make it to one of the shows. Let me know and I will send over the tour schedule. All the best, Peter Karys

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