Electric Universe and Goodwill Festivals

The Goodwill festival was a festival that was organised as a collaboration between Ohms Not Bombs and Graffiti Hall of Fame and Sydney D.J promoter Ming D.

A Beach Party called Electric Universe was the previously occurred that cemented the alliance. The event at La Perouse’s Little Conwong Bay Beach included an international producer and D.J called Freaky Chakra.

The Electric Universe name was used was for a renegade dance area at the Glenworth Valley Festival. The zone was like a bush party for a festival in 1999 that featured the Offspring and the Foo Fighters. The festival invited us to do the zone but police thought it was illegal.

The Goodwill Festival was billed as an Electric Universe event.

It all started when in 1998 when Electric Universe planed a NYE free party up at Pelican Beach near Toukley on the Central Coast.

Goodwill Festival
Goodwill Festival

There we were, a convoy of buses, sound system trucks and various other vehicles stacked up outside the entrance to the beach venue. Soon after we arrived the police turned up waving a letter that stated the local land council had changed their mind, on the venue permission due to one administers objection. What started out as a heated argument between the Oms crew and Council, Police, National parks and others ended up with cups of tea and discussions around long table we’d set up on the side of the road. Photos of Reclaim the Streets, Doofs at the Jabiluka mine etc were brought out and shown around. Somehow the Rave alert had been leaked on the Central coast and the image of hundreds of doofers descending on their patch was too much, they have enough trouble, they said dealing with the bored mob that trash the entrance on New Years eve every year.

Anyway they were quite adamant that we could not have our party there. One councilor inspired by our aims and intentions, returned later, having attempted to legalese the Mooney Mooney site where we eventually moved. He had checked out our website and armed with a Dreamcatcher gift he returned with promises to D.A approve our next Central Coast event. The info line was changed and people activated to move the whole gig to Mooney Mooney, site of numerous small trance gatherings.

Twelve hundred folk danced the night away until morning rain sent most people home after an amazing night. During New Years day the weather cleared and a renegade recovery went off for a night and a day at Nora Head at the North end of Pelican Beach.

In April 1999 the promised D.A approved free council approved venue finally manifested in the form of a Country Music Park in Warnervale. Sponsorship from Graffiti Hall of Fame ensured the event could occur legally with insurance and security requirements met.

This Electric Universe event heralded a new direction for Oms Not Bombs and Graffiti Hall events moving into the festival arena. The event happening on the Anzac weekend was the finale of the Central Coast Youth week featuring Sydney and local bands, D.J’s, workshops and camping.

The festival kicked off on Saturday 24th April at midday and went through till sunset Sunday. The Goodwill festival saw the crews from Sydney do there stuff with a large contingent from Newcastle, Timbarra and other activist groups.


Although the turnout was smaller than expected the gathering was important with plans for future actions occurring at the time. Magically the terrible weather was held at bay, rain in Sydney may have held a lot of people back. The Central Coast one of Australia’s highest suicide areas is in much need for interactive events like the festival. Sadly the event was a one off happening due to financial losses from the event.



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