From Millionaire to Bankrupt: The Rise of Tony Spanos

This video of Tony is the latest to come out on youtube and shows part of the rich tapestry of his life in Sydney and his entertaining approach to youth and environmental issues.

The iconoclastic Tony Spanos turned his attentions from the worldly concerns of a millionaire’s son to the concerns of those at the bottom of the economic rungs of Sydney’s society. Through a direct engagement/ hands on approach to trying to help bring a positive view of life to street kids Tony’s unstinting commitment has taken him to the edge of bankruptcy and ostracism.


Originally produced as part of a CERTIFICATE IV In Screen this documentary is about events that were current in 2008.
This edit hasn’t seen the light of day til now.

Directed by Alexander James.
Edited by Lew Keilar.
DoP Drew White.
Sound by Amanda Liok.
Additional photography and graphics by Lew Keilar.